May 22, 2013

Yeast Rash - The Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 3

This morning I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about for our open topic day -- I figured I would wait until after I returned from my son's doctors appt to make a post.

2 pad-folded flats in Flip covers & a wet bag, ready for our trip to the doctors

His 6 month appt went well, but the rash that he's had for about 5 days turned out to be a yeast rash. The doctor said that a combination of bad teething and the El Paso heat is what caused it. She gave me some special cream to use to help it clear up, but it's definitely not a cloth diaper safe cream.

I don't have any disposable liners to protect my diapers from the cream; and I don't have a local cloth diaper store to buy liners from. I'm not against using a disposable twice a day when I have to put his cream on, but that means screwing up my flats challenge!

So I guess I will just go ahead and use a disposable twice a day, but continue to use flats (and handwash them) for the rest of the day. The pad fold seems to let his butt breath a little better, so I will continue to do that. I will also let him have some naked time every day.

I'm glad that our doctor is "cloth diaper friendly" and I'm grateful for her help and the diaper cream. But I would like to know what advice you guys (my cloth diaper guru friends) may have for me about yeast rashes! What have you done to care for & prevent them? I'm still pretty new to cloth diapers and would appreciate any help at all!


Sarah Benedict said...

My girls both got a yeast infection while they were cloth diapered and I just lined their diapers with a Viva paper towel and used what I needed to! It worked great and protected the diaper like a charm!

PineappleMama said...

that sounds simple enough! I will have Matt pick up a roll tomorrow and try it :) thanks for the tip, Sarah!

Sarah Benedict said...

No problem! I hope it works for you, let me know! I should probably let you know that I doubled up on the towels just to be on the safe side :)

Anonymous said...

Do you soak your diapers before washing ? When I had my first child disposable diapers were just coming about. Needless to say they were nothing like they are today. And I did not use disposable diapers, they would slide right off her. She wasn't a chubby baby. My daughter had a bad diaper rash, when I tried orange juice or anything citrus. Until she got out of diapers no OJ. I used Zink Oxide cream.
You keep saying you don't want the ointment to touch the diaper Why? I never had a problem with ointment,on the diapers. I always washed diapers,in very hot water and Ivory Soap or Dreft soap. Never a problem with staining, however I did used a diaper Pail and always swished a soiled diaper in the toilet bowl to rinse any of the soil off the diaper. Perhaps your not getting all of the soiled matter off the diapers before your washing diapers. I had 6 dozen Diapers and washed about every other day. I did save 3 dozen and didn't use them. I found 3 dozen was more than enough diapers for her. Good luck with your cloth diapers. I give you credit for using them. Mi don't imagine too many use them today, it's much cheaper and not that much work to wash and dry them. I hung mine outside to dry and some times hung 3 together and they dried just fine. Mi didn't care for the pre folds they took much longer to dry hung single. If the weather was bad I,would dry them on a wooden rack.