May 23, 2013

No washer? No Dryer? No problem! - The Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 4

As you may know, I am participating in the Flats & Handwashing Challenge from Dirty Diaper Laundry. I'm on Day 4 now, and it's been pretty fun so far!
Today's topic is handwashing! 

So first of all, here is my handwashing routine:

The first two days I waiting until the evening to wash all the diapers from the day. Yesterday I decided to try washing the diapers as they were dirtied (two diapers at a time), and that worked better. I didn't have to fill up my tub and wash a bunch of diapers at once -- I just washed them in my bucket. 

We have an extra bathroom with a tub, so I don't have to worry about needing the tub for anything during the day. When he dirties a diaper I toss it in the bucket (If it is a poopy then I rinse it in the tub first - I don't have a diaper sprayer). When I have two diapers in the bucket I add warm water and let them soak about 10 min. Then I dump the water out, add super hot water, a sprinkle of detergent, and start plunging! I plunge until my arms get tired which is about 10 min. I rinse the diaper 2-3 times and then wring them out.

Drying the diapers is a little tricky. We only have a balcony to dry thing s outside, and the sun only shines on it for an hour in the early morning.

If there is a breeze blowing then my diapers dry super fast. If there isn't a breeze then sometimes I get impatient and take them down while they are still a bit damp. I just give them a quick iron and they are perfect :) To take the stiffness out of the diapers after they hang dry, I twist them as if I was wringing them out.

 Since we are now battling a little bit of a rash, I am pad folding the flats. That fold lets my little guy's bottom breathe a little better.

I like the have the diapers in the covers and all ready to go! For his naptime, I put a flat inside one of my Rumparooz pocket diapers, so that he could have stay-dry material on his bottom.

Handwashing is not as difficult as I was anticipating! While washing the diapers a few times throughout the day might seem time consuming and annoying, it really isn't. Handwashing and hang drying will be totally doable the summer for camping. And if the electricity goes out or something, I will have a backup plan already worked out!

If you don't have a washer or a dryer or neither, why not try handwashing! 

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Jess Holmes said...

Kudos to you for being so environmentally conscientious as to go through all this trouble to do laundry! If my samsung washer is ever out of commission, I might just have to try this, per your instructions. Thanks for sharing! :)