May 21, 2013

My Flat-Diapering Set Up - The Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 2

Today is the second day of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge!
Click HERE for yesterday's post.

Today's topic is "Supplies & Preparation," so I will be showing you all of my flats & accessories!

I have 21 flats altogether. I only used 7 yesterday, so technically I have 3 days worth. Yesterday I washed everything at the end of the day and then let them dry on the balcony overnight. Today I'm going to try to "wash as I go" and see how that works. 

Here's the line-up:

(4) flour sack towels - Mainstays from Walmart $1 each
 (12) birdseye flats - Babies R Us brand  $1.33 each
(1) Hemp/Cotton jersey flat - Geffen Baby $6 
(4) flannel receiving blankets - $0 

The flour sack towels are one of the cheapest options available, and it turns out they are my favorite so far! (I haven't tried the hemp/cotton jersey flat yet).
Receiving blankets are also quite inexpensive (usually about $1 each) especially if they were baby shower gifts, as was the case with mine, 

(1) Snappi Fastener - $4
(1) pair of Boingos - $5

I can't decide which diaper fastener is my favorite, because both the Snappi and the Boingo are useful for different folds. 

(3) Flip covers - $13 each
(2) Thirsties Duo Wraps Size 2 - $12 each
Spray Bottle filled with wipe solution
CJ's Butter
Tons and tons of wipes

I own 14 diaper covers, but I'm only using my favorites for this challenge. You really only need a few if you are washing diapers daily. If you wash and dry as you go you will need even less!
I also have a ton more wipes than I'll ever use - I really only use my favorites which are the Circo baby washcloths from Target (80% cotton). They are $5 for a 6 pack, but I bought mine on clearance for $2.

(1) Thirsties Hemp/Cotton Prefold -$7

We are allowed to use special items for nighttime during this challenge, so I used a flat with this tri-folded prefold and a cover. Tonight I'm going to try a pad-folded flat instead of the prefold.

(1) new plunger - $3
(1) plastic bucket -$2

For instructions on handwashing diaper, click HERE.

Rockin' Green cloth diaper safe detergent (Smashing Watermelons scent) - $15

Drying rack - $15

Since we live in an apartment, we do not have anywhere to hang our diapers on a clothesline. I usually dry my inserts and prefolds in the dryer and the lay the covers on this rack to dry. Our balcony only gets a tad bit of sun in the early morning, so if I want to sun any diapers for stain removal, I have a very short window to do it in. We don't even get direct sun in any of our windows! It's a good thing for keeping the desert heat out of the house, but sunning diapers is almost impossible :(

All of these items cost about $140 altogether, but the only things I bought specifically for this challenge were the flour sack towels, birdseye flats, and a new plunger - about $23.
For someone who is interested in cloth diapering with flats and wants to go with the cheapest route I would recommend these bare minimum items.

4 waterproof covers (Imagine and Diaper Safari and Econobum are some of the cheapest)
8-10 flour sack towels (from Walmart or Target)
1 Snappi fastener (or a set of pins)
16 wipes (baby washcloths or homemade flannel wipes)

If you wash diapers daily, this should be all you will need...and for around $50!! Cloth diapering is very do-able, even for low income families!


Cinella Reyes said...

How can people say no to such a cheap system! Super cute diapers. Good luck on the rest of the challenge!

Cjr @ The Mami Blog

Nicole said...

what was your opinion of the BRU flats? I picked some up yesterday - first impression is that they shrank SO much more than other brands! Curious how they will do absorbency wise...

Sarah said...

I used Kawaii Diaper covers for my daughter and they are only about $5 each. They worked great. I would suggest the snap version as the Velcro got caught on the stitching and I had to do some sewing reinforcement towards year two.